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If every year holds a message, a teaching or something good inspite of all the horror and heart ache, last year was surely the year of “surprise”. All best wishes did not protect the world from harm, nor did my personal life match up the Holidays’ expectations. Yet, it hasn’t made everything so bloody harsh all the time.

There’s perspective.

There’s detail, discussion and nuance to everything. The world is grey. 

As the new year approaches, I’ve been thinking about “best wishes”. What I want to wish others needs to be exactly what I want to get myself… So my mommy tought me. I’ll just let go of the balloon lighting up this (please keep dancing meanwhile):

good manners

a nice fuck off-attitude

good rest & heavenly sleep

good (mental) health with glowing cheeks

never out off a bottle of good wine

working days that go fast and easy

the right amount of silence

a lot of love for everyone you do and do not know

a lot of courage to cherish and trust yourself

the best insights to set goals in your life

a year without loss and grief

better money handling skills

more patience for stupidity

never waste a chance to learn 

the strength to change your mind when needed

accept what you can’t change or influence

a lot of sarcasm & other inappropriaties

proper use of grammar

not too many NY’s kisses from awkward acquintances and old folks

a lot of reflection & a long thinking process before any talking

a huge curiosity towards random silly facts & badass science

& the right kick-ass amount of rock music and passionate sex!



One thought on “2017

  1. Thanks, great wishes😘


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